‘The Jadoons’ by Mr. Sultan Khan Jadoon(late)

A book written by Mr Sultan Khan Jadoon (late) on Jadoon tribe is now available for download. You can download the contents of the book by following the links below.

Special thanks to Ihsan Khan Jadoon (Nephew of Mr. Sultan Khan Jadoon (late)) for his help in this regard.

6 thoughts on “‘The Jadoons’ by Mr. Sultan Khan Jadoon(late)”

  1. It is very inetersting to know about the history of Jadoon. I will add that the hostory of connecting Jadoons to Jadu Tribe of Mahabharat is not with out substance. I belong to same clan. The Jadu Vanshis today are found among Jats, Rajputs and Marathas in Hindus. There are lots of people around Mathura Region in India who claims to have migrated from Gandhara Region of Afganistan. They call themself Jadon, or Jadon Bhati. I am from the same clan. I feel that Jaddons are the ones who did not migrate and became part of Afgans.I am surprised to know that there was a city named as Mathura and area called Mahaban Shivalik Range of Punjab – May be people those who migrated to India took these names along with them and established the cities of Mathura and named area Mahaban.. I want discuss this aspect?

  2. I found the book Jadoons by Aslam khan(late) very interesting.
    I would like to correct one mistake. He mentions pir Mohammad kamran as elected MLA 1937 . which is not true.In fact my maternal uncle Najaf Khan of Bandi Attai Khanwas elected as MLA in1937. He became ill and on his death bed he transferred the MLA ship to pir m kamran(those days it was legal to do so)
    Kindly correct this fact.

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