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2 thoughts on “Rules”

  1. i would to appreciate the host of this site,which is very valuable and informative for Jadoons as well as i would to inform them that when you add the well know personalities, please also add the well know Jirgoi’s personalities in villages in abbottabad, but those who have a known by their honesty,priniciples and educated i.e Mustafa Khan in Dhamtor Mera,Haji Allah Dad khan( Retd.Deputy Sectery in Ministry of Defence) in Sarbhanna, Haji Mustafa Khan (Sheikulbandi), Haji Sherdil Khan( Kakool). I would to wait the above detail in near future.


  2. Dear Khurram,
    Its not practically possible for an individual to get all the information. Its you people who would be helping me out making this website a success. You are open to comment on the topics which will help lots in getting more and more information about Jadoons.

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