Notable Jadoons

Notable Jadoons of Abbottabad & Swabi

  • Ali Afzal Khan Jadoon (ex law minister N.W.F.P,businessman)
  • Malik Qalander Khan Jadoon (worker of Pakistan movement and member of grand jirga of Abbottabad and Malik of Shoaib Zai tribe)
  • Amanullah Khan Jadoon (Minister of Petroleum and Gas)
  • Haider Shah Jadoon (Ex VC, Islamia College, Peshawar)
  • Ahmed Nawaz Khan Jadoon (MD Akbar Group of Industries Pty Ltd, A well-known businessman and a politician of Abbottabad area)
  • Iqbal Khan Jadoon (13th Chief Minister of NWFP)
  • Iqbal Khan Jadoon (Manager Operations, Descon Qatar)
  • Malik Jahangir Khan (late)(Ex-Chairman Town Committee, Nawanshehr)
  • Faqir Khan Jadoon (Late) (Ex-Chief Engineer WAPDA/Saudi Arabia)
  • Suleman Khan Jadoon(Late) (Ex-Dy Project Director, Sandak Project, Quetta)
  • Dr. Najam ul Ghani Khan Jadoon (Renowned Consultant, Physician)
  • Mazhar Ali Khan Jadoon (a very senior government officer at Islamabad)
  • Nisar Safdar Khan (Ex- MPA)
  • Khurshid Azam Khan (Ex-MPA)
  • Tariq Mahmood Jadoon (Associate Professor Ph.D. University of Strathclyde)
  • Haji Yaqoob Khan Jadoon (late) (Ex-MNA)
  • Arshad Jadoon (Renowned Lawyer, President PML(N) Lawyers Wing, Sindh)
  • Ayaz Khan Jadoon (Station Manager, Civil Aviation Authority, Islamabad)
  • Engr. Sultan Khan Jadoon (Nazim UC Dhamtour)
  • Aslam Khan Jadoon (Ex-Chairman PTCL)
  • Ghulam Mustafa Khan Jadoon (Ex District Nazim Abbottabad)
  • Khan Faqira Khan Jadoon Member Legislative Assembly (All India Muslim League 1937)
  • Dr Azhar Khan Jadoon ( Founder of Hira Hospital, Women medical college Nawansher, Women Institute of Technology, A political personality)
  • Ghafoor Khan Jadoon (Former Food Minister of NWFP) from Gandaf Gadoon, Distt. Swabi.
  • Shamroz Khan Jadoon Former minister of NWFP
  • Taj Mohammad Khan Jadoon, well known political and social personality.
  • Haji Javed Khan Jadoon (Bercha Khail) Nazim Serbhana, Former Town Nazim of Bagnotar Town.
  • Haji Maqbool ur Rehman (Ex Nazim UC Sheikh ul Bandi, Vice President PML (N) NWFP)
  • Wali Mohammad Khan (Nazim UC Mirpur)
  • Haji Sarwar Khan Jadoon (Late) Honour of Jadoon Builders & Contrators Association (JBCA) A well known Politacal and Social Personality.
  • Niaz Pasha Jadoon (Chief Editor Daily Shamal)
  • Ahmed Nawaz Khan Jadoon (Chief Editor Daily Chaita, Daily Hazara News)
  • Adeel Sabir Jadoon (Charted Accountant, Ireland)
  • Zaffar Iqbal Khan Jadoon industrialist businessman
  • Dr. Khan Gul Jadoon Director COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad
  • Dr. Amjad Hassan (Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences,  COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Abbottabad, Pakistan)
  • Rizwan Khan Jadoon (Bercha khail) (Telecom Engineer, Founder of Jadoon Telecom Industries, Former Nazim of UC 6 Jamsheed Town Karachi, Former Nazim of PSF FG College Karachi Cantt.)
  • Inayatullah Khan Jadoon politician, industrialist, businessman, Ex-MPA PF-44
  • Saif Ullah Khan Jadoon (Tehsil Nazim, Abbottabad)
  • Prof Dr. Zafar Iqbal Jadoon (Dean, Director & Professor, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Punjab Univeristy, New Campus, Lahore)
  • Brig. Hamayun Khan (Commandant Army School of Air Defence, Malir Cantt, Karachi)
  • Haji Mohammad Aslam Khan Jadoon Author of famous history book of Jadoons “Tareekh Alafgan”
  • Dr. Habib Jadoon (Medical Director of Orush General hospital, Mandian Abbottabad)
  • Nighat Jadoon from Nawanshehr (World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC)
  • Nadeem, Mohammad from Nawanshehr (World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC) Saad Aurangzeb from Nawanshehr (National College Of Art,lahore)
  • Dr. Naseer Khan Jadoon (late) (Rector GIKI, VC BZU)
  • Dr. Zubair Khan Jadoon (Head AWC)
  • Khan Muhammad Azam Khan Jadoon
  • Capt Daryafat Khan Jadoon Shaheed (Banda Said Khan)
  • Musahib Khan Jadoon (late) (Ex Chief Engineer Wapda Power)
  • Abdul Rasheed Khan Jadoon (late) (Ex Chief Engineer Wapda Water)
  • Professor. Shahzada Khan Jadoon (Ex H.O.D Economics Department, GPGC # 1, Abbottabad)
  • Khan Bahadur Jadoon (General Manager Industrial Relations PIA)
  • Flt Lt (R) Abdul Maroof Khan (Ex PRO Shaheen Foundation)
  • Asim Maroof Jadoon (Merchant Mariner)

Notable Jadoons of Harripur:

  • Anwar Khan Jadoon of Kholian Bala, Harripur (Tehsildar (Rtd) Mansehra)
  • Haji Zaid Akhtar Khan Jadoon (Nazim UC Kholian Bala, Distt Haripur)
  • Gul Faraz Khan Jadoon (Manager National Saving Bank)
  • Khan Mohammad Khan Jadoon (Famous Social and Political personality)
  • Saleem Khan Jadoon (Nazim uc BAGRA , HARIPUR)
  • Khan Zada Khan Jadoon ( Revenue Officer )
  • Mansha Khan Jadoon( Minstry Of Defense NRTC )
  • Cap Dr. Safdar Khan Jadoon
  • Nosherwan Khan Jadoon (Exective Manager The Bank of Khyber)
  • Brig Afrasiab Khan Jadoon
  • Taj Muhammad Khan Jadoon (Capt Rtd Pak Navy)
  • Munsif Khan Jadoon (late) of Basti Sher Khan(Ex MPA)

Credits: Umer Khan Jadoon, Engr Ghufran Khan Jadoon


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  1. there are some more prominent personalities in jadoons

    (1) Allah Dad Khan of Sarbhanna(Retd.Deputy Sectery Finance)
    (2) Aslam Khan Jadoon of Salhad(Ret. GM in PTCL)
    (3) Khan Afsar Khan of Sarbhanna (Wing Cmdr Airforce)
    (4) Taj muhammad Khan of Sarbhanna
    (5) Sharafat Khan (Banda Dilzaq)

  2. Tariq Mahmood Jadoon
    Associate Professor
    Ph.D. University of Strathclyde, 1998

    Tariq Jadoon completed his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde, UK in 1998. Before joining LUMS, he worked at the NWFP University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Peshawar. There he co-founded the Center for Computer Information Systems Engineering and taught at the EEE department from where he graduated in 1991. From 1992-97, he was an ODA scholar at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. He is currently working in LUMS

  3. There is not much about the JADOONS of HARIPUR…
    As ……………..
    * GULFRAZ KHAN JADOON (Manager Natinol Savings Bank )
    etc ect……..!
    By………….UMER KHAN JADOON Kholian Bala

  4. Great effort
    Kindly update my profile
    Dr Habib Ahmed Jadoon(Consultant Physician, Gastroenterologist. Hepatologist). Gold Medalist and Best ever Graduate. AMC 1988
    I topped all Professional MBBS examinations in Ayub Medical College and got record marks in Final MBBS in 1988 for which I was awarded 8 gold medals.
    Passed MRCP from UK in 1995 and got training in field of gastroenterology and hepatology from St James’s University Hospital in Leeds UK. Worked as Assistant Professor in Medicine and later as Associate professor at Ayub Teaching Hospital from 1995 to 2002. Now I am Medical Director of Orush General hospital, Mandian Abbottabad.
    I am a Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist(Liver specialist.
    My late grand father Haji Mohammad Aslam Kahn Jadoon author of famous history book of Jadoons “Tareekh Alafgan” should be included in above list
    Keep the good work going

  5. Dr. Zafar Iqbal Jadoon received his M.A in Public Administration from the University of the Punjab and PhD in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. He is presently Professor of Public Administration, Founding Director of Institute of Administrative Sciences (IAS) and Dean, Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences. He is also the founding Director of Human Resources Development Centre (HRDC), University of the Punjab. He holds a professorship at the Department of Management, University of Stirling, UK. He looks after the Faculty and Staff Development Program of the University of the Punjab. He has published papers in research journals of international repute. His research focus has been on State Enterprises, TQM, Human Resource Development and Organizational Ageing. He is presently focusing on Governance and Administrative Reforms. He has extensive international exposure. He has taught at several foreign universities including University of Southern California, University of Phoenix, University of Stirling, Utrecht University and Herriott Watt University. He has attended and completed Faculty Development Program conducted by the University of Phoenix in 1995. He is actively involved in community and civil society organizations.

  6. Please include the following the most prominent person of Nawanshehr and founder of Young Muslim Federation in Abbottabad, and also first ever Muslim Lambardar in Nawanshehr

    Haji Abdullah Khan Jadoon
    well known as Dehdi Walai

    I really liked the effort you are doing, but Dear please include younger Jadoons also like

    Junaid Ahmad Jadoon
    Manager Administration
    GEO TV Lahore

    Arab Khan Jadoon
    Manager Radio Communication
    Ericsson Pakistan Islamabad

    Nasir Khan Jadoon
    Agriculture Officer

    Dr Moazzam Khan
    DHQ Abbottabad

    Nasim Khan Jadoon
    Plant Protectionist
    Vancouver Canada

    Adil Khan Jadoon
    Civil Engineer – Saudi Arabia

  7. this site does not contain proper information about the JADOON’S of Haripur.
    I want to publish some of the prominent (Jirga members) of Kalliage Village…

    Gustasab Khan Jadoon (Inspector Police Rtd)
    Lahrasab Khan Jadoon
    Hakim Khan Jadoon (Ex UC Kholiyan Naib Nazim)
    Abdul Ghafoor Khan Jadoon (SHO police)
    Rafiullah Khan Jadoon (Capt. Pak Army)
    Junaid Khan Jadoon (Major Pak Army)
    Khalid Khan Jadoon (Major Rtd)
    & Many more………..

  8. Salam Everyone ‘good to see the names of notable Jadoons”.Everyone has published the names not mentioned in the list but by sending post we can recognised them thats good job. Jadoons are doing their best in different feild as some of them i know are
    Hakim Khan Jadoon CA Dhamtour
    Jawad Khan Jadoon CA SheikhulBandi
    Saqib Khan Jadoon CA SheikhulBandi
    Saqib Ali Khan CESSD/CIDA.
    Brig Afsar Khan Jadoon Sheikhul Bandi
    Saleem khan Jadoon(DIG) Damtour
    Haji NiazGul Khan Jadoon (Shaheed) A renowned businessman.Sheikhulbandi.
    Kashif Khan Jadoon(Ex Pakistan Air Force) (Consultant for different multinational companies)

    And Many More…….. MAy Allah Keep All of them in His Blessing for Ever Ameeeeeeeeen Suma Ameeeeeeeeeen.

  9. i m mohsin jadoon & i belong to abbottabad. kindly make this website proper. many of the named people are not mentioned. if u want some help then i will definitely help u for this. kindly make a reply to my email adress….. i will be waiting 4 the reply…. i m proud to be a jadoon & definitely jadoons are great……..

  10. i have big jadoon fr hazara
    saleem khan jadoon D I R BINLADEN GROUP
    MOHD IQBAL KHAN jadoon social worker Ex teacher
    rehmatt khan jadoon flt left
    nawaz khan jadoon manager in saudi oger
    naeem ullah khan jadoon social worker in riyadh
    ziaullah khan jadoon serving to pm saad hariri
    and some more jadoon in same bostan khan family;

  11. I am amazed to see that the Most Important name amongst JADOON’s in recent history is missing on this web site.
    Kindly Update your website by adding the name of greatest of all Jadoons:
    Khan Muhammad Iqbal Khan Jadoon, Ex Chief Minister NWFP.
    The only and true Fakhre Khyber Pakhtunkwa.

    1933 – 1984

    1964 – Elected member BD.

    1965 – Became Vice Chairman Municipal Committee Abbottabad.

    1965 – Became Parliamentary Sec. WEST PAKISTAN.

    1970 – Elected MPA from NWFP.

    1973 – Became Finance Minister.

    1975 – Revenue, Excise & Taxation Minister.

    1976 – Became Senior Minister NWFP.

    1977 – Defeated Khan Abdul Qayum Khan & Asghar Khan and won both Provincial
    and National Assembly seats.

    1977 – Became first CHIEF MINISTER of NWFP from HAZARA.

    1984 – Died 0n 18th Oct. at Churchill Clinic, London, UK.

    Main Achievements:

    Creation of HAZARA Division
    Establishment of Ayub Medical College.
    Establishment of Commerce College Abbottabad.
    Over fifty ( 50 ) schools and Basic Health Units.
    Was responsible for tremendous improvements in infrastructure, communications education, health, financial and general living conditions through out Hazara especially Abbottabad.


  12. From Quetta, ”Jahanzaib Khan Jadoon Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan (Vice President Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan”), Remained three times member executive Supreme Court by taking highest votes all over the country. Amazing fact that his name has yet not included in notable Jadoons.Absurd and Ridiculous.

  13. please add in note able jadoon list.
    1.Khan Afsar Jadoon
    (chief warrant officer (R))from Pakistan Air Force
    And NOW member of Gender Justice through musalihat anjuman project(GJTMAP) union council mirpur and member of PROVINCIAL STEERING COMMITTEE GJTMAP-NWFP

  14. Good effort !!

    However, please never vote for the rascals whom we have voted throughout our lives but these rascals have just plundered not only national wealth but also the trust of their voters.

    Lets teach our kids that these ex-ministers and great writers were timber-runners and the scars on their back are still testimony of their enterprise throughout their lives. Most of the ale-houses and mini casinos were managed under their auspices. They were never good Muslims, never good Pakistanis and never good Jadoons. So much so they even never married their daughters and sons from within Jadoon tribe.

  15. I appreciate the response of the visitors/readers. Its not possible for me to post all the names of notable Jadoons. You can post the names of the Notable Jadoons missing from the list here as a comment

    Usman (Admin)

  16. Good work, I am first time visiting this site & proud of your this effort, some prominent names of Jadoons from Banda Pir Khan are missing which are to be entered in the list.
    1. Khan Sahib Sumandar Khan Jadoon (Late) Member Legaslative Assembly, NWFP Province (1932)
    2. Wali Muhammad Khan Jadoon (Late) S.P Punjab Police, Member Provincial Assembly West Pakistan (1954)
    3. Muqaddas Ahmed Khan, (Chief of Jadoon) Ex-MD Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd.

  17. Some more notable jadoons are still missing in the list.
    1. Sardar Khan Jadoon (Aviation Instructor UAE)
    2. Maj. Waqar Azeem Jadoon (Pakistan Army)
    3. Lt.Comm. Asghar Khan Jadoon (Pakistan Navy)

  18. Well its a great effort …I am from the last village of Abbottonian Jadoons TANNAN.some of the noteable jadoons are missing from my villages so please also include these while updating …Thanks.
    1-Late Fazal Dad Khan Jadoon (renowned Kabbadi Player in early 70s)
    2-Late Sarwar Khan Jadoon (Numberdar)
    3-Abdul Qadeer Khan Jadoon Advocate (Numberdar)
    4-Muhammad Nawaz Khan Jadoon (Sr Scientific Research Officer Atomic Energy)
    5-Late Abdur Rashid KHan Jadoon (AC Customs)
    6-Late Haq Nawaz Khan Jadoon (Admin Manager HPFL)
    7-Dr Muhammad Ali Jadoon (DMS AMC)
    8-Dr Qasim Jadoon (DDOR)
    9-Usman Ali Khan Jadoon (Admin Officer SNGP)
    10-Fateh Ali Khan Jadoon (Sr Project Officer CRS)
    11-Khurram Tauqir Jadoon (WESS Officer Plan International)
    12-Ahmed Saeed Jadoon (Incharge ATS)
    13-Shahid KHan Jadoon (Associate Engineer PAF)
    14-Saleem Khan Jadoon (DSP)
    15-Azhar Khan Jadoon (Charted Accountant)
    16-Adalat Khan Jadoon (Inspector Police)
    17-Rashid Khan Jadoon (DSR Rangers)
    18-Sher Dil Khan Jadoon Advocate High Court
    19-Saif Ali Khan Jadoon (Instructor ATS)
    20-Hassan Ali Khan Jadoon (Textile Engineer,Businessman)

  19. Here are some more notable Jadoons from Tannan.
    -M Sabir Khan JAdoon (Ex Admin Manager Zener Electronics Dubai)
    -Hamid Khan Jadoon (population Department BPS 16)
    -Ahsan Khan Jadoon (Pipsonian & emerging Comedian)
    -Ahmed Khan Jadoon (APS)
    -Adil Adeel Khan Jadoon (Msc Electronics)

  20. Salam to all Jadoons; I felt pleasure to read about Dr. Omair Khan, Shaukat A. Khan & Irteza Khan who belong to my tribe and village Kakul. Currently I am living abroad in Gulf Area but my all best wishes are with Jadoons and with all Pakistanis.

    I would like to add some noteable Jadoons from Kakul:
    *Shamrooz Khan Jadoon (CSS Qualified High Official in Islamabad)
    *Naiz Khan Jadoon (CSS Qualified Director in Islamabad)
    *Haji Banarus Khan Jadoon (Ex-Chairman Union Council)
    *Khangul Khan Jadoon (Advocate High Court – Abbottabad)
    *Abdulqayyum Khan Jadoon (Reserch Director – Radio Pakistan – Peshawar)
    *Saeed Khan Jadoon (Vice Principle – Government High School Abbottabad).
    *Mohammad Naeem Khan Jadoon (Social Worker and Senior Teacher (Class One) – High School Abbottabad)
    * Mohammad Ayaz Khan Jadoon (Administration Manager AAP Islamabad)
    *Ashfaq Khan Jadoon (Col. Pakistan Army)
    *Shahid Khan Jadoon (Major Pakistan Army)
    *Zargul Khan Jadoon (Prominent Businessman in Mines Field)

    Good Luck to all Jadoons,

  21. I am proud of the jadoon tribe/sub tribes there are many names which have to be included in the list of prominent jadoon. This work must be taken by some computer expert and it should be village /area wise like;kakul;mirpur banda ali khan and so on. some of the prominent jadoons whom i know are;-
    Principal karam dad khan{late}
    Col ashfaq jadoon
    Capt abdul waheed khan
    Maj sdahid jadoon
    Capt wajhat jadoon
    m ashraf khan jadoon [world bank ]
    Comd Ayaz khan jadoon
    Col taquir jadoon
    MAJ jawad jadoon
    Dr fasial jadoon
    Capt waseem jadoon
    Air comdr afsar jadoon[late]
    Brig gul jadoon
    capt wahab jadoon
    Brig tariq jadoon
    Brig naveed jadoon
    Col javed jadoon
    col pervez jadoon
    col jamshed jadoon
    Col saleem jadoon
    Brig arshad jadoon
    col shamshad jadoon
    capt kashif jadoon pak navy
    maj kashif jadoon
    brig hamayaun jadoon
    Brig feyuz ur rehman
    Wing comd khurashed khan jadoon
    Brig salwat khan jadoon
    Mai tanveer jadoon
    Maj naeem wazeer jadoon
    Maj tariq jadoon
    Brig masood jadoon
    Brig banaras jadoon
    Brig nadir jadoon
    Col nasir jadoon
    COl khalid jadoon
    Col khalid javed jadoon
    Col mansoor jadoon
    Col akhtar jadoon

  22. i have a request to a person who create this web site taht their are many other respectable personalities taht u can post on this website instead of posting the name of theives,drug dealers,land mafia and killers for example Waseem khan,Aslam Zer Khan.These people are shameful for whole Jadoon tribe so please make another coloum on ur website as a shameful or disrespectfull jadoons and write these pimps name under that please dont post their name as noteable jadoons bcz no one is proud of them every one is ashamed of these people.THANKS

  23. Kindly share our part and include following names:
    Sadiq Hussain Khan Jadoon Nawanshehr(PCS officer-Retired DistricT Revenue officer BPS18)

    Mansoor Ali Khan Jadoon Nawanshehr (Technical Project Manager-Nokia Siemens Networks)

  24. Some notables from Banda Pir Khan are not displayed in this site these name should also be added;
    1. Khan Sahib Khan Sumandar Khan, Member Lagislative Assembly
    2. Wali Muhammad Khan Jadoon, Ex S.P (Punjab Police) Ex MPA NWFP
    3. Muqadas Khan Jadoon, Ex MD Sui Northern Gas
    4. Farhat Amoz Khan, SE Public Health

  25. I am first time visiting this site & appreciate your effort, some prominent names of Jadoons of Nawanshehr, Abbottabad are missing which needs to be entered in the list.
    Malik Qalander Khan Jadoon (worker of Pakistan movement and member of grand jirga of Abbottabad andMalik of Shoaib Zai tribe) and his sons
    Malik Jahangir Khan (late), Ex-Chairman Town Committee, Nawanshehr and
    Suleman Khan Jadoon(Late), Ex-Dy Project Director, Sandak Project, Quetta,
    Faqir Khan Jadoon, Late (Ex-Chief Engineer WAPDA/Saudi Arabia) and his both sons
    Mazhar Ali Khan Jadoon, a very senior government officer at Islamabad and
    Zafar Ali Khan Jadoon, Computer Engineer at London.

  26. Great effort~~~by Jadoons of Bandi Attai khan jadoon MR Najam ul Ghani,MR khurshid Azam MPA, MR Nasar Safdar BUT still missing many jadoons from bandi attai khan named as AJMAL KHAN JADOON, KHAN MUHAMMAD KHAN NUSRULLAH KHAN ZAFAR KHAN JADOON and many more well known personalities.


    • aoa gud site bt it does nt include names of many notable jaduns, our family is only pakistani family that has plenty of phd scholars and many related with medicine some of them are as follows

      dr irfan khan(late) prof at brunel uni uk

      dr prof naseer khan jadoon (late) ex rector gik and vc bzu

      dr zubair (head awc}

      dr saeed khan jadoon (gm ogdcl)

      dr tahir irfan khan(youngest asst prof at callgry uni canada)

      dr adil irfan khan jadoon( director health penysalvania)

      dr shafiq ur rehman(dms dhq atd)

      dr amir naseer khan(oxford university england)

      dr amad naseer khan

      dr zia ur rehman

      dr umaer shafiq

      dr naheed naseer khan

      dr sadia saeed

      dr saba shfiq

      dr fiza shafiq


      p,s above mention people have taken their degrees from world prestigious collegs cambridge uni ,imperial ,oxford, brunnel uni,


  28. I am from Kakul – Abbottabad, presently living abroad in KSA. I am well wisher for all people living in Pakistan particularly Hazara. Allah may give all of us Health, Happiness & Passion to cooperate each other, to help needy and to serve our beloved country with full devotion.

    Salam to everyone,especially to Irteza Khan, Basharat Khan, Tariq Khan, Jahanvez Khan and Alamgeer Khan.

  29. Salam to all Glad to see this site and amazed that our people too taking interest in such activities It will be more benificial if the Site get Upgrade I belong to Kakul Abbottabad and will give u updates regarding Jadoon"s In Pakistan Defence Forces and other Civil , Govt Departments. Regards.

  30. many jadoons are not mentioned in the notable jadoons list which is prepared as Notable Jadoons residing in hazara please add the few name of notable persenelties of Jadoon as well as :-
    Muhammad Azam Khan Jadoon,(Late) Chairman UC,Namlimera Bagnotar.
    Rear Admiral Mukhtar Jadoon.Village Narduba

  31. I am highly grateful for inclusion of my name in the list of Jadoon tribe and very proud of my Jadoon tribe. Work of admin is highly appreciated and will contribute actively in this forum. I am from Banda Said Khan and now settled at DHA II , Islamabad.

  32. Adding of Muhammad Humayun Khan Jadoon of Nawansher Abbottabad as Government Officer (PMS-BPS-21) currently Member Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission Peshawar (KPPSC)

  33. Assalam o Alaikum,
    Dear Jadoons!
    It is a great effort and I must appreciate all of you. Allah give you more and more strength to work for the betterment of Jadoons.
    I am Khalid Mahmood Khan Jadoon of Shah Maqsood, Haripur.
    Pakistan School Muscat
    Please add Brig.(R) Javed Akhtar Jadoon of Sheikh Ul Bandi
    Akhtar Jadoon of Shah Maqsood ( SDEO) Haripur
    Maj.Hamayoon Khan Jadoon of Shah Maqsood
    Abid Khan Jadoon of Shah Maqsood (Vice Principal PIPS) Abbottabad
    Akhtar Nawaz Khan Jadoon of Sayrian (Bagra)
    Nazim Bandi Sher Khan

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