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  1. Hassazai’s Clans:

    Hassazai’s are furtherly divided into:-

    Khawaja Ahmed Khail
    Sheikhmali Khail
    Peno khel
    Ismail Khail
    Badal Zai
    Hassain Khail
    Ilyas Khail
    Panu Khel
    Dollat Zai
    Umar Zai
    Mulla Khail
    Mohammad Zai
    Shoaib Zai
    Musa Zai
    Imran Zai
    Noroz Khani ( know as “Gali waal”)
    Taj Khani
    Mian Khan khail
    Haji khail
    Guram Zai
    Muhammad zai adeeen khail
    Badal Zai
    Gujjar Khail.(Under the Cast of Shohali)

    Salar’s Clans:

    Dasar Khail
    Shabi Khail
    Haji Khail
    Mustafa Zai
    Muhammad Khail
    Mali Khail
    Essa khail


  2. Definitely JADOONS are nice, brave, loyal, beautiful , truthful, and having much more qualities………..

  3. Definately, all above said is true, but one thing is our forefathers who lived in the area between Haripur and Manshera, were very loyal and true muslims, and they alos left great examples of hospitality and bravery, but now it is all fading up…….. I am sure that new genereation of Jadoons will revive the examples and also try to learn back their original ancestral language Pashto.. which links us with our other Pashtoon brothers, we are breaking up with our greater clan… dont you think so……

  4. sorry to say if u have not enough information about jadoon clan, u have not to write wrong information about jadoon,can u tell me ,mohd zai, imran zai,shoaib zai, musa zai, and other zai belongs form which clan ,
    i like to say adden khail and khutab khial are sub clan of mohd zai,
    for further information u can vist to office of A/C tehsil land record ,where u can find more and correct information about jadoon tribe,

  5. hello hae all jadoons kese he ap log jadoon zinda bad make a hazara prevanic i like it jadoon zanda bad i am from quetta balochistan

  6. Salar’s Clans:

    Dasar Khail
    Shabi Khail
    Haji Khail
    Mustafa Zai
    Muhammad Khail
    Mali Khail
    Essa khail

    Dear Admin here your not mentioned Khan khail clan of salar’s, and i want to know how i can make account@jadoon.com.

    Thanks for this website

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