Are you in the favour of Hazara as a Separate Province?

If yes then come up with valid reasons why we should have a separate province and even your answer is No in that case too come up with reasons/statements to justify your answer.

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  1. YES definently HAZARA should a seprate Province…..

    AND Its population is 40% of N
    THEN it shold a seaprate Province… for identity of our MOTHER LAND “HAZARA”…. And to take the our rights……

  2. we are highly THNAKFUL to mamangment of JADOON,COM for their kind contribution to such
    a very keen & importanat issuee.. THANKS AGIAN

  3. yes
    hazara should be a seperate province because we have the seperate identity, culture and even more resources then the other 7 divisions of the sarhad province hence as we announced a hazara province the only one hundred and ten arab rupees rality of tarbaila is good enough for us and rst of income tax generated from atd and the income from hattar textile area and mineral resources, forest etc etc all reserved just for hazara and believe me hazara province should be the richest province of the pakistan.

  4. how can we support hazara province movement.if hindko people of abbottabad or huri pur hate a word pakhtun.when they oppose a word pakhtunkhwa they oppose pakhtuns too.
    i being jadoon i will never support such movement i will be always against it.
    accept ground reality pashtuns are in the majority in the province kohistani and chitrali which are non pashtuns hindko people of peshawara noshehra swabi andd kohat new name too.
    the issue of new province is a political gainig issue.
    all the supporters of soona movement are people who lost many elections
    think about it and accept ground reality

  5. I m agree with my brother Farzand Khan Jadoon that as a Jadoon we have a great History about our Tribe (JADOON) & basically Jadoons are also Pakhtuns & other Pakhtun Tribes are our brother its not a war of Mother Land or Language it’s a war between the Nations Like Pathans & other nations. So how can we support Hazara Province Movement as a Jadoons or Pakhtuns? If hindko people hate a word Pakhtun.when they oppose a word Pakhtun Khwa they oppose Pakhtuns too.
    I also being Jadoon I will never support such movement I will be always against it.

    Naeem Khan Jadoon (Hassa Zai) Dhamtour Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtun Khwa


  6. I Strongly support the Hazara Province Movement.last. Last 62 years no development in Hazara.We have most of resources of the province, But maximum Budget of NWFP was always distributed to the other side of Attock Bridge.

  7. i dont support sooba hazara .because the supportets of this movement hates pashtuns.
    geo pashtun geo jadoon and geo pakhtunkhwa

  8. Salam Dear All…

    I have read all comments about this article & I suggest that it’s a political propaganda about dividing the Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa…

    Bcoz it’s a law of dividing lands between the Countries & Nations that the base on Land Owners of that Area…

    So for your kind information that in Haripur Dist. “Treens” a Pushtoon Tribe have 30% of total, “Mashwanis” a Pushtoon Tribe have 75% in Srikot, “Akhund khel” & other Pushtoon Tribs of Khalabat & Tarbela have 75% of in their areas, The “Jadoons” a Pushtoon Tribe have 20% of Land in Lower Haripur…

    Now in Abbottabad Dist. With Havelian Tehsil the “Jadoons” are a big Pushtoon Tribe in Abbottabad has above then 50% to 60% Land of their Own…

    Shairwan & Border Areas of Abbottabad & Mansehra Dist. The “Lodhi” and other Pushtoon Tribes have 30% of Land of their Own…

    Now in Mansehra Dist. “Swatis”, “Tanolis” & other Pushtoon Tribes have 40% in total of Mansehra Dist. And in Oghi, Baffa, Kala Dhaka, Kohistan and Battagaram’s Pushtoon Tribes has 75% their own Lands in these Areas…..

    So I ask you all that how Govt. can divide Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa on Language Base?

    It’s all a Political Propaganda for the Next Elections…

    Pleas I am sorry if I hearted anyone because all the Tribes of Hazara & other Areas of Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa are our Brothers but those who hate the word Pukhtoon or hate Pukhtoons are our Enemy so plz we must fight for our rights but not for dividing of Great Country Pakistan on the base of Language, Tribes and Nations we are all brothers and first of all Pakistanis and after we are Pukhtoons so live together and serve for Pakistan & Pukhtoon Khwa….

    Long Live Pakistan….
    Long Live Pukhtoonistan….


    Naeem Khan Jadoon (Hassa Zai) Dhamtour, Abbottabad

  9. @naeem khan ….wel said bro luv ya
    luv jadoons luv puktuns luv pukhtunkhwa

    but m sory to say that there is a mistake in your name/cast i.e hassa zai its hassan zai if u go through some books or some related material..thnx…. our ppl wrongly interpret it as hassa zai (which was written in farsi in english or pushto its correctly written as hassan zai )

  10. salam…..its a complete political issue so i request all da people that plz plz dont waste ur time in such activities and remain peaceful…its a propaganda plz think about it.khyber pakhtunkwa is a ground reality.plz consider it.

  11. Dear Brother Ahmed Khan Jadoon

    I m very Thankfull to u that u like my comments & sending me a Good point for my mistake…

    I know that the Hassan Zai is a correct Name but in our areas & in the Book of “The Jadoons” by Sultan Khan Jadoon mostly written as Hassa Zai but I m agree with u that the Hassan Zai is a correct Name so very thankful to u for this correction May Allah Bless u & my all “Jadoons” & “Pukhtoons” Brother

    Best Regards

    Naeem Khan Jadoon (Hasan Zai) Dhamtour, Abbottabad…

    Long Live Pakistan
    Long Live Pukhtoon Khwa

  12. wat i think Hazara was only peacefull area of NWFP. it is propaganda of foriegn agencies to spoil peace n harmony among the people of Hazara. IN current scenario Pakistan is already facing troubles . If we cant abate problems of pakistan den atleast we shud not increase them too. N here in above some friendz also highlighted one more issue that is pashto language. so ma dear frndz no one hate pashtoo language but wat i kno pashtoo speaker hate hindko speakers n hindko. And this we hav experienced and faced so many time wen ever we visited Peshawar .
    Bottom line is that situation n time dun permit us to deamand for a separate province.

  13. jadoon and other paktoon like shilmani swatti mashwani treen tanoli uatmanzai are a very happy to pakhtunkhwa pakhtunkhwa hamri pachan hea jasa k saind saindi buliachitan bulachi punjab punjabi pakhtun pakhtunkhwa I love pakhtunkhwa

  14. i dnt like the name pakhtunkhwa.
    wht is the meaning of name pakhtunkhwa.
    it means that the place of pakhtuns only.
    why they changed the beautiful name SARHAD into pakhtunkhwa.
    if they named SARHAD to pakhtunkhwa then our Government should be make the HAZARA as a province.
    baba haider zaman is also just a political leader nothing more than that.
    If He is sincere to HAZARA People then he should stressed the government.Whom are the people which killed in HAZARA MOVEMENT.
    They killed just for the name and fame of baba haider zaman.
    The leader of HAZARA Movement is not sincere to Hazarians.
    we all are MUSLIMS and Pakistani, and all are have equal rights.
    why the pakhtuns are so special for our Government.
    Hazara based on JADOONZ . if JADOONZ hate pakhtuns there is a reason because the Pakhtunz also hate the HAZARIAN and JADOONS specilly.

  15. There are so many troubles in hazara just for the HAZARA as a Province.
    before that the hazara was the peaceful area of SARHAD.
    Jadoons are also belonging to Pakhtuns.
    but now there are so many issues between Jadoons and Pakhtuns.
    So how can’t we support the Hazara Province Movement.
    We should support and the time will come we see this Hazara division as a province.
    Our present Leaders are just Political Leader they don’t have sense to solve the problems.
    Hazara movement issue is not a general issue.
    It iz the international issue.
    i support HAZARA PROVINCE MOVEMENT. Till death.
    My contact#03365221434.
    i will see how many JADOONS and HAZARIAN will support me.
    i am waiting
    LOVE 2 ALL>

  16. Salam! i am also a Jadoon & proud to be but we also want pro hazara AS a pushtun i respect minorities in Hazara & for the development of area i”ll suport it hindko speakers dont hate Pushto speakers bt pushto speakers hate hindko speakers.

  17. i belive in that thing that hazara phaktunkha,balochasitan and afghanistan was one of separate country of these as a admenstritve there 10 to 20 province in these separate paktun soba paktunkha alraeady paktun disturbed in punjab balochasitan and kashmir.thank you.i am agreed to azmat khan and umer khan jaddon.farooq khan saudizai kholian bala.

  18. Inshallah you will all see Hazara PROVINCE, just MARK MY WRODS..

  19. Hazara should be a province and it will be soon Inshallah. Not because the name of the province has been changed as Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa but it is for the development of the country and betterment of the people of Hazara. There should be more provinces in the country. We should learn a lesson from India. Creating more provinces is not harmful. By making more provinces there will be better hold of the administration. Hazara is a resourceful area. If it will be a province people will be more prosperous as compare to present situation. First of all it should be justified why the name of the province was changed? Is it not racisism? What was wrong in old name? What has been achieved by this? I have my own experience which I want to share. I am a Jadoon from Hazara and Jadoons are Pakhtuns. Some of Jadoons are also pushto speaking. When I was studying in college in NWFP. Pushto speaking students did not accept me as I am also from NWFP and Pakhtoon. While living in Pashto speaking areas I have got knowledge about thinking of the people about non pashtu speaking people. They are biased and proud of being pashtu speaking. They make tant of people of Hazara and call them as a tant “Hazarawal”. They think they are bold and other are cowardice. They think they are honest and other are corrupt. They think they have hounour and other are dejected. Any body can observe these feelings while living in Pashtu speaking areas. They prefer to talk in Pashtu even other people sitting in the company dont know Pashtu. They think themself superior. And its a fact and no body can deny it. I know the norms of Pashtu speaking people as I can also understand Pashtu. They say pakhtoons are only those people who speak pashto. They do not accept hindo speaking pakhtoons. So they did not take care of the non pashtu speaking people while changing the name of the province. They have taken their step and we the people of Hazara have to take our step not in reply but for our betterment. Our betterment is in the province of Hazara. No body can dominate us. We have our own identity. So have courage and come forward to have your own identity which can be saved if we will have our own province (Hazara). I am sorry if somebody will think that I am biased about the Pashtun. I have been having face to face discussions with Pashtuns about all this. They only laugh but they know the reality. There are so many reasons for the creation of Province Hazara but at present I have not much time to mention. So rest for the next. Be happy Pakistan and Be happy people of Hazara.

  20. i am with pusthankhawa because i am proud to be a pushtun.i dont like hazara because i am not sardar,awan.and i am from abbottabad. jar sam pushtunistan

  21. hazara can never be a province because by 2 half districts provice cant be establish hazara is not fever able for jadoons because other hindko people dont accepet jadoons

  22. jadoons must be united as nation hazara is problum of hindki and they can never successful.if any jadoon support hazara province thats mean he is denying his tribe becuase hindki are against jadoons and pakhtoons we must thankful to ANP they given us identity

  23. “ATTA JADOON U R RI8……..but m agree with khalid mehmud khan……..plzzz it’s not jst all about our tribe, but about our motherland……… v r hazarywalllll,,, nd hazara vl b our province,,,INSHAALH:):) apki duha chahieye”

  24. this is in regards to the current political deceits of tehreek e sooba hazara. this movement was started by the local people for demanding a seperate province but due to the excessive support and enraged public emotions the selfish local leaders turned it into a pressure group which is now habitually black mailing the local business men who collaborate with the business men from peshawar and also the district administration is being black mailed to get advantages.

    b) today tehreek hazara is no more a political movement but it has become a pressure group which is trying to black mail every one for the vested interests of its leaders.for your information,tehreek hazara is now increasingly interferring in the affairs of the district administration in all over hazara.this includes interferring in the businesses,people who have leased government land after fulfilling all the regulations are being targeted and are declared as “pakhtoon agents”. every second day ,the subject of the agitation is not creation of a sooba but banning peshawari business men from doing business in hazara. one character who is called naseer khan jadoon is specially active in this case,he first got seperated from the tehreek hazara and established his own faction called”tehreek tahafuz e haqook e hazara” and tried to create pressure on the district administration. his demands were to cancel all contracts and lease agreements all over the hazara region and they should be re allocated and re privatised again according to the wishes of his party.this clearly shows that the motifs of the local politician is to get political and financial benefits.

    c)if u study the local news papers of hazara region,you would come to know that today tehreek hazara is a reign less horse which has no direction and their demands are sene less. about two days ago tehreek hazara established a “complaint cell” which would act like “wafaqi mohtasib” clearly undermining and interferring in the government affairs. dear safi sahab, being a citizen of abbottabad,it is my concerned opinion that if tehreek hazara keeps on taking government functions in its own hands,soon hazara would be in total chaos.we are moving slowly towards civil anarchy and surprisingly no government official has taken notice of such mis use of public power by tehreek hazara.

    d) being student of politics,i know that no political movement can take the law in its own hands and there fore tehreek e hazara`s continued intervention in the government affair on the pretext of defending rights of the people would develop an other lal masjid type situation. a time may come when all district offices would be black mailed by the small local workers of the tehreek hazara and there would be no much say of government.

    today all the business men who have partner ships with the pathan/peshawai business men are being harrassed and blackmailed as if they are traitors.

    this would result in lack of business activity and if peshawari people retaliate in the same manner,which they have not till now,then we would practically end up in riots.

    e)the local news papers: daily pine,abbottabad, daily shamal etc are vehemently creating hatred for pathans among the residents of the hazara and these news papers wilfully publish and propagate all the news maligning the image and character of those involved in any business contacts with the peshawar. this situation suggests that sooner or latter hazara would be under civil chaos and disobedience as both police and the district administration has till now,not objected as to why the unknown local leaders have repeatedly taken law in their own hands and have created a parallel administrative setup where district administration has no say.

    f) till now the leaders of the tehreek have politicised every issue from the strike in ayub medical complex to the government lease granted by abbottabad tmo and have demanded cancellation of all lease agreements without taking into consideration the investment and the stakes of the business men involved.

    surprisingly the tmo and the dco abbottabad have not tried to complain,thwart or take any action against those who have been demanding cancellation of leases,contracts and banning of non local business men.this in amenability and lack of reaction on the part of the dco and tmo has served to encourage the tehreek hazara elements and they have become more lawless and courageous in crippling the district machinery.

    there fore please use your pen on this aggravating situation,time has come that tehreek hazara should be exposed infront of the people


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