History of Jadoons

The Jadoon are descended from Ashraf also known as jadoon (Gadoon) of the Panni clan of the Ghurghusht Afghan. Panni, Kakar, Naghar and Dawi were four sons of Daney son of Ismail, also known as Ghurghusht. The people of this tribe call themselves jadoons, but Eastern Afghans who change the letter S`h into K`h and “j” into “G” style them Gadoons as the letter J and G are interchangeable in the Pushto language, just as jillani and Gillani are synonyms. The Jadoons were freedom fighters and they showed bravery against their rivals, especially the Sikhs and the British with other prominent Pashtun tribes of the region like the Swati, Tareens Khaji khail and Shilmani. Their leader Sakhi Jan Jadoon had been martyred during the freedom efforts against the Sikhs in the 19th century

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Notable Jadoons

Notable Jadoons of Abbottabad & Swabi

  • Ali Afzal Khan Jadoon (ex law minister N.W.F.P,businessman)
  • Malik Qalander Khan Jadoon (worker of Pakistan movement and member of grand jirga of Abbottabad and Malik of Shoaib Zai tribe)
  • Amanullah Khan Jadoon (Minister of Petroleum and Gas)
  • Haider Shah Jadoon (Ex VC, Islamia College, Peshawar)
  • Ahmed Nawaz Khan Jadoon (MD Akbar Group of Industries Pty Ltd, A well-known businessman and a politician of Abbottabad area)
  • Iqbal Khan Jadoon (13th Chief Minister of NWFP)
  • Iqbal Khan Jadoon (Manager Operations, Descon Qatar)
  • Malik Jahangir Khan (late)(Ex-Chairman Town Committee, Nawanshehr)
  • Faqir Khan Jadoon (Late) (Ex-Chief Engineer WAPDA/Saudi Arabia)
  • Suleman Khan Jadoon(Late) (Ex-Dy Project Director, Sandak Project, Quetta)

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